Green Dot Violence Prevention Workshop Friday 11-8-19

Green Dot Violence Prevention Workshop Friday 11-8-19

Green Dot Bystander Violence Prevention Workshop November 8th.  


The FREE, interactive 6-hour workshop includes:

  • Tools for reducing domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and child abuse

  • Communication tips for reducing violence

  • Videos, skills practice, group exercises

  • Competence & knowledge to be an active bystander

  • Ideas for promoting violence prevention in your daily life

  • Activities you can start using right away

Participants must complete entire workshop to receive a certificate of completion and prevention materials.

What is Green Dot?

Green Dots are choices & actions that prevent violence!

It is a national program implemented in communities, high schools, colleges and Air Forces bases around the country. The Green Dot Strategy helps develop two key cultural norms:

  • Personal violence will not be tolerated

  • Everyone does their part to maintain a safe community.

The tools presented in the workshops include reactive ways to intervene in potential violence and proactive ways to promote violence reduction. These options are designed to be safe and flexible, so there is something everyone can do. This program empowers the largest segment of society, the bystanders. When enough bystanders take a moment in time to prevent violence, the effort creates a cultural shift that makes communities safer. 


Metro Inclusive health (Formely known as Metro Wellness & Community Center)

1315 East 7th Ave. 

Ybor City, Tampa 33605

Parking available in nearby city garages.

Ybor map

There is no parking in the lot next to the Metro Wellness building. That lot is for patients of the clinic and not for all day parking. In addition to the parking garages there are private lots and street parking available. 
Please plan your travel to include time to park and walk to the workshop location.


Friday, November 8th    

Registration 8:45am

Workshop 9:00am to 4:00pm

One hour lunch break on your own

Coffee & snacks at sign-in & breaks


Learn to be an Active Bystander to make our community safer.

Most of us can think of times we saw something happening or had a feeling that some relationship wasn’t quite right… But do we have the tools to help divert violence, get help or support a victim?

  • Green Dot tools are effective without putting people in danger

  • The Green Dot Strategy has proven to reduce violence in communities by 40%

  • You can be part of a cultural shift that makes violence unacceptable and offers a positive role for everyone


If you know someone who is concerned about or is working to reduce domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse or stalking, invite them to join you at the workshop.

You can help promote community safety by sharing this announcement with others.

Green Dot Ybor | 813-964-1964 ext. 3428 |

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