Technical Training Event Featuring Cyber Security Expert Jon Ruttencutter

This technical training event will improve your comprehension of cyber security strategies on vehicle networks and the techniques OE’s are using to secure their vehicles.

FEATURING:  Cyber Security Expert Jon Ruttencutter of 3 Points Consulting. Jon spent 33 years with the FBI and homeland security investigating fraud, counterfeit goods, identity theft and cybercrime. 

Hosted by Andrew Markel and Donny Seyfer

The training sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Learn about the latest automotive technologies and how cybercriminals could exploit new vulnerabilities.

  • Discover new strategies for keeping your shop and data safe from malware, viruses and other cyber exploits.

  • Learn about protecting your customer’s data safe from people with malicious intent.

  • Understand how to build a secure IT infrastructure that is scalable for your shop.

  • Learn how networks on vehicles are vulnerable and how hackers exploit the OBDII port and telematic modules.

Explore how OEMs are using telematics and the risks it poses when a vehicle connects to the internet.

Event Dates and Locations

  • Tuesday, August 21, 2019 | Sun Trust Park | Atlanta, GA

$215.00/per person person

Price includes the technical training presentations, lunch, dinner and a ticket to the ballgame vs. the Miami Marlins.Extra tickets to the game for family and employees can be purchased.  For more information, please contact Randy Loeser at 330-670-1234 ext. 285.

For more information go to

Cyber Security Event Atlanta Technical Training

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